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Behind this outstanding real estate development are two visionary and passionate partners, The Horizon Group and Contexto, who combined their experience, creativity and know-how. Tavira Residence is the result of a close and passionate collaboration between two real estate professionals, driven by the same desire: to offer an exceptional residential experience that meets the highest standards.

Since 2010, Horizon Group has been developing centers of expertise dedicated to the real estate rehabilitation, transformation and development projects in the high-volume markets of major European cities. As a truly integrated service platform, Horizon Group is involved in all phases of a project: fundraising, development and marketing. Its involvement in all key areas of the real estate sector gives you full control of the value chain and thus strengthens the security of your investments. Convinced that financial performance and social and environmental impacts must work together, the Horizon Group works to create sustainable and responsible value while generating economic profitability. With more than 50 specialists, the Horizon Group has developed 126 real estate development and rehabilitation programs since its creation.

  • CONTEXTO® is a registered trademark that takes an experimental approach about the producing and the practice of architecture and design and concepts related to lifestyle and contemporary experiences. Since 2014, the company has operated across Portugal, with offices in the city of Porto and Faro, participating in a diverse range of projects with varying specificities, from urban rehabilitation and interior remodelling to building designs.

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